Covid-19 Tourist accommodation protocol

Accommodation services

Reception service (reception desk / concierge)

Basic measures to avoid coronavirus transmission – COVID-19: hand
hygiene, use of antiseptics, avoidance of handshakes, physical distance,
avoidance of hand contact with the face and general observance of
personal and respiratory hygiene measures.

Check-in availability check may be performed in an open space.

It is recommended that electronic alternatives are used for payment
transactions,sending of bills, invoices, and receipts.

Extension of check-out and check-in between stays (check-out until
11.00 am and check-in from 3.00 pm).
This change in the time interval between each check-in and check-out is mandatory.

Prohibition of entry in the accommodation rooms for non-residents

Non-regular room cleaning during the stay (to avoid unnecessary contact
of cleaning staff with possible case and further transmission).

Elimination of daily change of clothing and towels and evening
preparation only at the request of the customer.

For departures:

meticulous cleaning – disinfection (eg with steam cleaner) of the
entire room and bathroom.

Opening doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily.

Air conditioning and space ventilation: (shutting down air conditioning
when the doors are open).

Installation of antiseptic liquids (fixed or non-fixed devices) in all
common areas.

Self-service parking.

Information leaftlet for accommodation guests on the compliance with the healt protocol in taking measures against the coronavirus covid-19

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